Tesla has been under fire lately. 300 is a massive level to watch. Should the stock break below this support, next level is at 275 and then the BIG one at 250. The stock is now trading below all big moving averages and feels heavy.

Understanding Tesla is hard, but recent negative news feeds just keep on coming.

Latest from Bloomberg today explains the increasing frustration among Tesla clients in Norway:

After a fender-bender with his Tesla Model S last February, Tor Havard Wiig figured he’d be back on the road within a week or two. Five months on, he’s still waiting on parts—and he’s ready to sell the two-year-old car.

Elon Musk continues the Twitter communications.

The question is how much patience do customers have longer term as repairs seem to take forever? Full Bloomberg article link.

Tesla chart sitting right on the 300 level…

Source: chart by Bloomberg