What is in common for a trade war, global politic tensions, worlds economy slowdown, and Trump’s tweets?

If we ad that US 10-year yield has been trading inside a very strong negative trend this entire year, and that gold is at 6y high, what do you feel?

Is it panic or call to action?

There is no room for panic in the financial industry.

We can be witnessing bearish or bullish market trends, dovish or hawkish statements, tops and bottoms in the market.

The trick of making bucks in the financial markets is to have proper education, strict risk management and a valid information.

Those days we can read opinions from top markets wizards and experts how the world is near a new recession. Or at least a more significant part of it.

As said, don’t panic.

Take a look at gold and silver or ETFs with exposure to miners, for instance.

One way to go in economy slows is to have a healthy dividend payment coming in your pockets. 

The perfect scenario will be to find those stocks to buy on the bottom and to have roared in the economy with bond yields going higher.


GPS bottom

GPS is at 3y low and just an 80c near 8y low. In YTD time frame Gap Inc lost 32% in weight. This leading global retailer will pay you 5.56% in a dividend. If you are comparing GPS with Buffets favorite KO with a 2.9% dividend yield, it can be easy to go with a higher percentage and lower price.

Should we mention that KO has some reversal sings such as three inside candles and RSI at overbought level?

Average price target for GPS is at $20.50 price range, according to 12 analysts who covering this stock.

KEY support line

KeyCorp is one of the US largest bank-based financial services companies. Key provides deposits, cash management, lending, insurance and investments services to businesses and individuals.

KEY will also award you with a 3.5% dividend yield, which is 80% more from what you can get from BAC shiny 1.9%.

KEY holds moderate buy signal and has a three-month target at $20 price range, according to analysts.