Second week of the year and markets are just going up. Fed minutes from last meeting got released. Showing few members want to continue to raise rates. Fed President Powell held another dovish speech, seemingly reassuring the markets. Trade talks between U.S. and China appear to be making progress. Chinese Vice President Wang is expected to be in DC end of the month. On the other hand, all economic data from China point towards a slowing economy. Growth rates have been adjusted downwards, and Beijing is again resorting to debt fueled stimulus.

On the corporate side, tale of two worlds. Retail got clobbered after Macy’s reported a profit warning. On the other hand, pharma m&a is back with a couple of big deals. Setting the stage for further deals as pharma companies continue to raise prices. On the political side, nothing new under the sun. The dysfunction continued as government shutdown continued.  Resulting to for example JPMorgan lowering Q1 GDP growth from 2.5% to 2.0%. More earnings will be trickling in next week giving a better sense were things stand and directions of the markets.

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