After a week of anticipating turmoil, the markets delivered. First initial euphoria over trade deal between U.S. and China, then things went the opposite direction. The realization no real deal had been agreed and then the arrest of Huawei CFO in Canada. On the same time, appears that Federal Reserve under Powell are folding to President Trump and his pressure. The yield curve inversed, having all talking-heads propagating the imminent recession. In Europe things are not better. Macron is facing massive resistance from demonstrators who believe low and middle class have to shoulder all the future tax increases. Macron just like Powell had to fold as there were risk things would escalate out of hand. On the crypto side, another week, another week of continued decline of the cryptocurrencies. Another hyped sector seem to be living up to the hype. Altria buying a stake in Cannabis maker Cronos. In addition there are rumors Altria looking to take stake in smokeless tobacco maker Juul.  

Corporate wise, companies like Lyft, Modena and Uber are looking to IPO as soon as possible before the market turns properly. Usually the markets tend to get calmer as we approach the holiday season. Question is if that will be the case this year. Mueller probe is getting closer to conclusion. Brexit agreement vote is up in U.K, and trade-war uncertainty could flare up even more.  

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