It has all been about the Federal Reserve this week. The Fed led by Chairman Powell ended up standing firm against the President and the markets and raising rates. We wrote earlier in the week that they were damned if they did, damned if they did not raise rate, with the perception of the Fed on the line. As expected the markets puked on the news that the accommodative run by the Fed seem to be coming to an end, and that there will be further rate increases in 2019.  If that was not enough, appears there might be a government shutdown due to issues with border wall funding. In Europe, the Swedish Riksbank raised it rates for the first time in 7 Years. The Italian government were able to an agreement with the EU and struck a budget deal. This deal should keep things calm there for now, but question is how long? In Asia, you know things are getting bad when China announces just at the end of week for more stimulus for 2019 and the markets don’t really buy it. On the geopolitical front, General Mattis resigned secretary of defense post President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria. Also, U.S. charged several Chinese hackers with theft of intellectual property sending a clear signal to China. Question is if this will affect the trade-talks. In the Middle East, President Trump decided to pull out U.S. troops out of Syria, declaring the fight against ISIS completed. On the corporate front, Fedex lowered its 2019 forecasts due to global economic uncertainty. Oil prices continued their decline as expectations of both continued high supply and lower demand for the coming year. The markets are now starting to look ahead into 2019 with initial focus on earnings.  Are more and more companies seeing the effects of the global turmoil or is the economy still holding good. This first earning season will give indication of where things stand starting the New Year.

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