The markets have been quite volatile last couple of weeks. It appears that they will most likely continue to be see these final weeks into the Christmas break. Post several weeks of pushing back from President Trump and general negative market development, the Federal Reserve came out with more dovish comments about the economy. This helped the markets to rally, investors are still concerned that it is just a short-term bounce. Into this week President Trump have ratcheted up his rhetoric against China with threats of further tariffs. Teresa May and the U.K have agreed on a Brexit deal with the EU, but it still needs to be approved by the U.K parliament. On the geopolitical front, things continued to heat up with Russia Navy boarding several Ukrainian ships due to border disputes. Everyone is now waiting to see what comes out of the G-20 meeting in Argentina. Will U.S. and China come to an agreement? Will foreign leaders avoid the Saudi Crown Prince post the murder of a journalist? Will “NAFTA 2.0” continue? And will there be any new developments in the Muller probe. Markets are waiting with abated breath. If no surprises come up next week or so, the markets might be able to take a breather. Question is, how likely that is?      

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