Italy’s Deputy Prime minister stated on Monday that they would need to nationalize the toll-motorways post the bridge collapse earlier this month that killed 43 People

ROME, Aug 27 (Reuters) – Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday that the “only solution” was to nationalise the toll motorways controlled by Autostrade per l’Italia after a bridge collapse earlier this month killed 43 people.

“We’ll get out of the logic of profit, we’ll lower the tolls, we’ll do much more maintenance and we will introduce technological innovations to improve safety and mobility,” Di Maio said on Facebook.

Atlantia’s stock dropped over 30% day of the accident and has since then been under pressure.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Post the statement from the deputy finance minister, the investment risk for all various toll-road companies in Europe have increased. Nationalization might not be on table, but potential more strict regulation and demand of safety investment could come.

In addition to Alitalia, Vinci, and Albertis (owned by ASC) are companies to keep eye on as they have big toll-road concessions in Europe and rest of the world.

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