Remember the FAANGs? Below are a few charts just to remind us where this once so popular space trades, although these days not many talk about it.

Facebook is up 20% from recent lows and it just hit the 100-day moving average for the first time since last August.

Apple is up 7.5% from recent lows and remains trading inside the negative trend that has been in place since late October.

Amazon is up some 27% from recent lows and is just hitting the negative trend since early October.

Netflix is up 52% from recent lows and showing the inverse panic move once again. Note the stock is hitting the negative trend since July here.

Google is the boring one, up 10% from recent lows, but in a very boring way. Note, even this one is approaching the negative trend.

Maybe time for some make or break in the FAANG space here?

Source: charts by Bloomberg