As we are reaching the end of 2018 which has been an interesting year from all various angles let it be from a macro, micro, geopolitical or in any type of perspective. 2018 was a year of first euphoria and then fear. On that basis, we need to start looking out for 2019 and some events that could affect the markets. Below is a brief outline from Nomura of various events happening that could potentially move the markets during Q1 and Q2 and onward.

North America

Ongoing: Muller Investigation

3rd January: New Congress Term Startgs

30th January: FOMC Meeting and Treasury Refunding Announcement

January: Potential 2nd U.S.- Nord Korea Summit

January: State of Union

17th of February: Section 232 Deadline (U.S. government deadline on pervious tariffs put on good from national security perspective)   

20th of February: Large SOMA (System Open Market Account – Assets Managed by Federal Reserve)

1st of March: Debt Limit suspension ends

1st of March: 90-Day negotiation widow between U.S. and China Ends

Q1/Q2: Trade negotiations between U.S. and EU/UK/Japan

21st of October: Federal Elections Canada


21st of January: Brexit Deal up for vote again in the U.K.

22-25th of January: World Economic Forum

24th of January: ECB Meeting

Jan-Feb: EDP (Excessive Deficit Procedure) triggered against Italy by the EU

7th of February: Bank of England meeting and potential rate hike?

7th of March: ECB Meeting

21-22 of March: Last EU Council meeting for the U.K.?

29th of March: Brexit Day

31st of March: Ukraine Presidential Election

31st of March: Local election Turkey

10th of April: ECB Meeting

12/14th of April: IMF/World Bank Meetings

April: OPEC Meeting

South Africa: General Elections

23-26th of May: European Parliamentary Elections

6th of June: ECB Meeting

28/29th of June: G20 Summit

October: Draghi (ECB) and Juncker (EC) terms end

End of 2019: ECB market pricing for “lift-off”. Raise depo in September and then all rates in December

January 2020: Jay Carney term at Bank of England ends


January: U.S. Japan FTA talks to happen

23rd of January: Bank of Japan Meeting

February: Thailand general elections

March: National Congress session in China

April: Local elections in Japan

April/May: General elections in India

1st of October: Consumption Tax Hikes

2020: GPIF (Government Pension Invest Fund Japan) portfolio review