If so, then you stand shoulder by shoulder with the vast majority of people in the world. No worry.

At the moment, worldwide, now there are about 2.3 billion players, and it is expected that in 2018 turnover from sales will be 134.9 billion dollars.

The growth gamble of the game industry is high, as well as investment opportunities.

Gaming industry: The billion-dollar industry

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 (“PS5”) is not yet in the market.

Lovers of this game console and video game specialists are eagerly awaiting the date of its appearance.

Some indications are that the PS5 will appear in the second half of 2020.

At forums, where everything from the gaming world is discussed, there is noticeable great impatience.

The PS5 features, especially graphic, are for the moment only a nagging, but a significant jump of quality is expected.

Also, the PS5 loading time should be significantly shorter compared to PS4.

The price of the new console is not known for now, but for fans this is not important so much. In the whole gaming market, the readiness to buy new things is high.

SONY Corporation

In addition, the industry itself has rapid growth.

According to Newzoo’s Global Market Report 2018, which is specialized in video games, it is estimated that 2.3 billion players were registered in 2018 and that sales in the industry is totaled of $ 134.9 billion. For comparison purposes, since 2012, the market has grown by 90%.

China as the largest market

Newzoo predicts that sales will reach $ 174 billion by 2021, an increase of 29% from 2018.

Expectations for the period up to 2025 are that the industry will exceed the value of 200 billion dollars. Largest growth is in the Asian market.

In Asia, just over half of PC and video games are generated, while the rest of the world is following this growth.

The largest single market is China with $ 34.4 billion, followed by USA with $ 31.5 billion.

Growth driver

The biggest player in the growth of  gaming industry is the mobile segment, or simply smartphone and tablet games. In 2018, this segment accounted for 47% of the total revenue. By 2021, half of the games will be made for these smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, there is possible drop for PC games.

Global video game market by segment, 2012-2018

Interesting is one research from Europe, which says that the average age of the player is constantly increasing. The current average passion of the player is 36 years, while five years ago he was 31 years old. The important reason for this growth is the increase in the player over 50 years! It is expected that from 2019 the number of players from the age of 50 will climb to 10 million people.

Gaming industry growth prospects

Bearing in mind this development, gaming industry can look forward to great business in the future.

Sony with its PS has 27% of total sales, with a profit margin of 13.5%.

In addition to Sony, and Microsoft is working hard on the market. The California company with its Xbox is very popular in the gaming industry. The growth of 31% from October to December 2018 was recorded from the sale of Xbox software and services. In addition, the Xboxx Live users growth is also noticed.

MICROSOFT Corporation

Another giant in the industry is Nintendo. Since April, Tencent has been granted marketing approval for the Nintendo console Switch in China. Let’s keep in mind that this is greatest  gaming field,  strictly regulated and that the authorities can intervene at any moment.

This can bring good sales to Nintendo with Switch, and in the time around the world has sold 32 million so far.

NINTENDO Corporation

Source, chart by Bloomberg

There is a theme for the sector as such, as well as individual logic for the companies mentioned above.

The entire space is a dynamic place to invest in so….

Stay tuned.