Previously we wrote about how Amazon’s (AMZN US) Ad revenues are increasing and how this could hit both Facebook (FB US) and Google (GOOG US). We are now seeing signs that companies want to take full control of their Amazon ad campaigns. This as the growth of Amazon’s Ad business is increasing.  Already most companies have specialists dealing with Google and Facebook advertising.  Now they are rushing on setting up same formats for Amazon.  Digiday writes;

“We’re starting to see brands hire Amazon ‘experts’ in-house,” said Amazon advertising and marketing consultant Daniel Tejada, who previously worked at performance agency Quiver

Amazon is aggressively pushing its offer, particularly since it simplified the convoluted offer in the summer, more marketers are starting to think twice about an internal expert. This trend is clearest in the amount of interest Tejada has seen for Amazon’s demand-side platform among brands.

Amazon’s demand side platform (DSP) have been taking more and more market share. It is now the most used platform by advertisers ahead of Google. Ad Exchanger points out the decline in Google’s market share;

Google’s agency penetration dropped from 41% to 30% in the past six months, according to the report.

Amazon is just in the opening innings of their ad business and platform. As this business segments grows, it will most likely take more market share from both Google and Facebook. Considering recent regulatory and privacy woes for both Google and Facebook, hits on their core revenue generating business could put further pressure on the companies and their stocks.