The Brexit soap opera continues and Theresa May’s headache intensifies.

Falling pound, emergency planning meetings, hard land border with Ireland and other absurdities are everyday stuff these days.

Trade Secretary Liam Fix has openly expressed his view that the risk is 60% of NOT reaching a deal with EU.

The cable broke below the 1.30 level versus the USD and continues moving lower, trading at levels we saw a year ago. The Death Cross is in since a few days ago.

The FTSE is closing in on recent highs. 7800 is a huge level to watch. Let’s see if further cable weakness can push the FTSE above the resistance.

The Brexit mess is running out of time. Below is a summary of main dates to watch courtesy of Bloomberg.

Divorcing is theoretically at times an interesting idea, but this one is surely not going to be practical.

Source: charts by Bloomberg