Below is the best non-consensus view on Trump we have read over past days. Via City Financial.

* Day 1 of the new session, Dems will begin drafting the Articles of Impeachment – this will be a highly publicized undertaking along the lines of the Kavanaugh Confirmation. The ultimate result of this spectacle will be NOTHING – the Impeachment requires a Super Majority, which the Dems will not have, so Trump will ultimately be exonerated and maintain office.

* What will ultimately force Trump’s resignation, will be the investigations into his family, businesses, taxes and financial transactions. The House has UNLIMITED powers of subpoena which means they can go as far and deep into Trump’s life as they want. Don’t underestimate the Dem’s passion to remove Trump.

* Unlike the Mueller Investigation which has been sealed tight (little to no leaks so far), the House investigation will likely (intentionally) leak like a sieve, which means the public will see weekly, if not daily, updates on the investigation’s findings. And although the President benefits from Executive Immunity, his family does not. So, the investigation is likely to go straight after his family members and their dealings first.

* Family members indicted and pardoned by Trump, Trump resigns and pardoned by Pence. Pence runs for President in 2020.

* There are many parallels to Nixon – remember Nixon won re-election by a land-slide, but it wasn’t until the Reps turned against him that he was forced to resign. Charles feels the investigation will drum up enough dirt that the Reps (who are considered better organized, more uniformly bound by political ideology, and better “winners”) will turn against Trump to secure the future of the party – fear of losing the 2020 Presidential election.

* Charles believes that a strong confirmation of this potential shift is the recent resignation of 2 of the most ambitious Republicans – Nikki Haley and Paul Ryan – both have resigned after a relatively short time in very high-profile positions (positions people don’t typically give up that easily). He speculates they left these positions in order to distance themselves from Trump ahead of this potential shift.